Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Increase the limit on the number of URLs allowed in the CSE

The Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is very cool. I have been playing with CSE in the hopes I can use it as a replacement to the open source search engine that we're using on Innfinder. The current engine is a resource hog at spidering the list of over 9000 websites (even though most of the 9000 are very small sites of individual bed and breakfasts). I would love to switch to CSE. Heck I'd even consider paying for your CSE Business Edition. However, your 5000 URL limit is stymying me because I have 9000 URLs. I even checked with your sales folks selling the Business Edition and that has the 5000 limit too. Argh! My suggestion is that you have a mechanism for people to request an increase to the limit.